Original Words and Music & Sound Recording
Copyright 2004, by Stephen Morgan & Sandra D. Hunt.

Produced by Sandi & Stevie.
Arranged by Don Turney and Stephen Morgan.

All instrumentation programmed by Don Turney.
Recorded & Mixed at DKS Productions, California.
Engineered by Don Turney. www.dksproductions.com.

Sandi & Stevie
Great White Shark: Don Turney
Zebrafish: Grace Leer

[Children’s Ensemble]
Jack Colton, Patrick Colton, McKenna Guetersloh
Jordan “Lil-Joe” Hudson, Catherine Douglas Moran
McKenna Sherve, Morgan Sherve, Karissa Turney
Kayla Turney, Alison Leigh Vance

Illustrations: Sharon K. Turney
Graphic Design: Sharon K. Turney and Stephen Morgan
Photography: Paul Taussig Photography

Sandi & Stevie would like to thank the children’s ensemble for their enthusiasm and dedication; Sandra Jones for her inspiration; the Angelfish Choir for their vocals on Ballerina Octopus; Orca Whale for his backup vocals on Electric Eel and all the sealife that assisted us in making the Sealife Songs a reality – you guys have just been the easiest to work with - and not nearly as fussy as those Insects!