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Sandi & Stevie are award winning children’s performers and songwriters based in Danville in the San Francisco Bay Area. The environmentally conscious duo are the writers of the creature-friendly CDs Insect Songs and Sealife Songs and the Lullaby CD Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites.

Sandi & Stevie have performed over 2,500 fun-filled, educational shows based on their original songs. By applying high-energy motor skills interaction with the children, Sandi & Stevie satisfy the Desired Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP) measures designed by the California Department of Education for preschool age children.

Sandi & Stevie's Sealife Songs Sandi & Stevie's Insect Songs

Sandi & Stevie help teach children about the habits and importance of our creature friends and encourage us to live in harmony with them. Their popularity has led them to being featured on TV
on Evening Magazine and
View From the Bay.

Something about Sandi
Sandi is an American female with a beautiful smile and “Magical Voice”. She studied vocalization under the tutelage of renowned soprano Inetta Harris and gospel Grammy honoree Edwin Hawkins. Along with children’s songs, Sandi writes, records and performs gospel, R&B, rock and pop.

Something about Stevie
Stevie is a silly Welshman with a funny accent. His “Roman” nose and flappy ears make him look like a bug head with wings. When excited, he talks so quickly that only children can understand him and he’s so silly that he’s the perfect children’s entertainer - hopping like a Green Grasshopper whenever children ask (-: When not being silly, Stevie is a songwriter, producer, arranger and scriptwriter who writes brilliant lyrics and melodies. To see Stevie’s more serious side, visit his personal web site at


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