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Insect Songs written by Sandi & Stevie
Original Words & Music and Sound Recording; copyright 2000, by Stephen Morgan & Sandra D. Hunt. Produced by Stephen Morgan. Arranged by Don Turney & Stephen Morgan.

All instrumentation programmed by Don Turney.
Recorded & Mixed at DKS Productions, California.
Engineered by Don Turney:
Lead Vocals:
Itchy Flea & Lance:
Backup Vocals:
Sandi & Stevie
Don Turney
Sandi & Stevie and Don Turney
Childrens Ensemble:

Alexis Daye, B. J. Daye
Darian Fambro, Mariah Fambro
Nichole McLellan, Tiffany Roden
Graphic Design:
Sharon K. Turney
Sharon K. Turney & Stephen Morgan
Evelyn (well, that's lovely) Morgan
Sandi & Stevie would like to thank the Moth, Ladybird, Butterfly, Spider, Grasshopper, Beetle, Dragonfly, Flea, Fly, Cricket, Cockroach, Bumblebee, Horsefly and Wasp for visiting our garden and for creating such a magical and wonderous Insect Carnival.