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Thank you Sandi & Stevie for writing such a beautiful song about me.

Its amazing how Sandi & Stevie managed to write and sing about our habits so perfectly. They must have spent a lot of time watching us.

Sandi, your voice is so beautiful. I cried when I first heard you sing my song. If I stop eating flies will I get a voice like that?

I enjoyed working with you both. I hop! to work with you again on your next album (if you can catch me)!

Its no secret - the Insects Songs are fabulous! Havent you heard?

We keep battling over who keeps the CD! Couldnt we have had one each?
Greedy Wasp:

I hope you guys make a lot of money from this album! I want my 10% cut!
Itchy Flea:

Hey! I never got paid for singing on this CD! I'm going to make that Sandi & Stevie do the Itchy Itchy Dance when I get a chance!

Thanks Sandi & Stevie for treating me with so much respect when we worked on The Running Cockroach together (I wrote the words).

Im not happy with Sandi & Stevie. They make me out to be one nasty spider. Its not fair! Where did Samson that fat Horsefly go? - Im starving!

Slurp! That tea was great! Sandra the Spider doesnt know that my cousin Fuzzy Fly told me where she hides her tea. Im out ohere!
Gypsy Moth:

Ooh! Sandi & Stevies garden looks so inviting, think Ill mosey on into it!