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The Insect Songs is an environmentally friendly album of 16 original insect songs for children, written and performed by Sandi & Stevie.

With a combination of humour, fantasy and reality, the Insect Songs help teach children (and their parents) about the habits of our little insect friends while teaching us how to live in harmony with them - while respecting their little insect lives.

The Insect Songs has a wonderful cast of characters that will delight children for years to come. Find out what secret Ladyworm couldnt keep, why its good to have such Long Legs and what trouble the moseying Gypsy Moth gets into. Become acquainted with the wicked Sandra The Spider and why youll never look at a Cockroach in quite the same way ever again!

Watch with glee as children march along in time with the Marching Ants, Hop! Hop! Hop! with the Green Grasshopper, strut their stuff with the Battling Beetles (beetles, beetles), perform the Itchy Itchy Dance and fly around gracefully with the Beautiful Butterfly.

Listen (amusingly?) as your children sing along with the poetic Dragonfly, fzzz! fzzz! around the house looking for Fuzzy Fly and whizz! around the garden in search of The Greedy Wasp. Then close your eyes and listen in wonder as the insects re-unite in the Disney-like finale Insect Carnival.