Sandi Sings Bedtime Favorites
Produced by Sandi & Stevie
Original Words & Sound Recording Copyright 2008
by Sandra D. Hunt & Stephen Morgan

Sweet Child Of Mine
Original Words & Music by Stephen Morgan
Quiet And Still
Original Words & Music by Sandra D. Hunt
Time To Go To Sleep
Original Words & Music by Sandra Jones

Additional Lyrics for
Little Bo Peep, Now The Day Is Over & Rock The Cradle
by Sandi & Stevie

All Songs Arranged by Don Turney & Stephen Morgan;
Quiet And Still by Don Turney & Sandra D. Hunt

Backup Vocal Arrangements by Sandra D. Hunt & Don Turney
All Instrumentation Programmed by Don Turney
Recorded & Mixed at DKS Productions
Engineered by Don Turney

Vocals by Sandi (mostly) & Stevie (sparsely)
Vocals by Sandi
Illustrations by Sharon K. Turney
Graphic Design by Sharon K. Turney & Stephen Morgan
Photography by Paul Taussig Photography

Special t
hanks to KIDiddles
An extra special thanks to Sandra Jones for giving
us those Magic Toys for bedtime
A great BIG thank you to the “Great” Don & Sharon Turney
for sharing their awesome talents with us

lessings to my Mother, Evelyn Morgan,
for lulling me into dreamland as a child
by tenderly singing
Wyoming Lullaby to me